Announcing a Powerful New Relationship.

AlfaTech has the well-deserved reputation as one of the most progressive engineering
design companies in the U.S. “We specialize in innovative engineering design and project
delivery that is environmentally conscious and sustainable,” explains AlfaTech
Founder and CEO, Jeff Fini. “Cultivating best practices, building on our core competencies,
and enhancing our services to best serve our clients in any location is integral to
our DNA.”

Now, AlfaTech and its management are taking business to the next level, thanks to a
new strategic relationship with German-based RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft
(RSBG). RSBG is the industry holding of RAG-Stiftung, Germany’s largest foundation. Its
investment will allow AlfaTech to support and build existing services, expand global
presence, and drive exponential growth.

The new relationship is mutually beneficial. Over the past decade, it has been AlfaTech’s
charge to bolster and build business by adding services and talent to meet client needs
for additional locations and resources. RSBG has been actively searching for strong,
dynamic companies to invest in and add to its network. AlfaTech’s stellar reputation,
high standards, successful track record, and entrepreneurial culture make the company
a perfect fit.

Through RSBG, AlfaTech will gain immediate access to additional talent and expertise
through several strong and relevant sister companies. By collaborating with these
partners, AlfaTech is able to provide clients an even larger array of specialized services
through more than 100 locations around the world. What’s more, by broadening current
offerings, AlfaTech will attract an even more specialized and diverse pool of talent.
AlfaTech is already collaborating with several key sister companies through RSBG.


    A London-based organization with over 1,200 employees providing a wide range of consulting engineering services across numerous offices in the UK with their trading brands Pell Frischmann, Desco, 4Way, McBains and Leslie Jones.


    For nearly 70 years, Dorsch Gruppe has been a reputable consulting and engineering partner for clients in industry, private investors, and public institutions. With almost 2,000 employees, the Dorsch Gruppe counts among Germany’s largest independent planning and consultancy companies and is located internationally in more than 40 countries.


    A German-based global media technology firm in the fields of broadcasting and media technology, specializing in the television, media and telecommunications industries with 200 employees located in offices in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

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    Jeff Fini, the Founder and CEO of AlfaTech, has a unique ability when it comes to establishing and maintaining strong and lasting relationships within his industries. With their established reputation and impressive Silicon Valley client connections, they are the perfect complement to our group.


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    We are excited by the opportunities that being part of RSBG’s prestigious network of companies will provide our clients and our organization.


Our relationship with RSBG provides clients access to more services — in more locations — around the world.

Our relationship with RSBG provides clients access to more services — in more locations — around the world.


Additional Resuorces
Through the Sister Companies

  • 100+ locations
  • 55+ countries
  • 3,600+ staff members

*map is representative and locations are approximate

RSBG Infrastructure

  • Europe

    United Kingdom(10), Greece

  • Asia

    India(2), Philippines

  • Africa


  • Middle East


Dorsch Gruppe

  • Europe

    Germany(12), Kosovo, Austria, Ukraine, Turkey,
    Bosnia/Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia

  • Latin America

    Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina

  • Asia

    India (5), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia,
    Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Philippines

  • Africa

    Algeria, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Mauritania,
    Mali, Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast,
    Ghana, Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, United
    Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia,
    South Africa, Madagascar, Egypt

  • Middle East

    UAE (3), Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria

Qvest Media

  • Europe

    Germany(3), United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, France, Switzerland

  • Asia


  • Middle East