Project Highlight: Bently Heritage Distillery

Gorgeous State of the Art Distillery in a Historic Structure

Bently Heritage developed the Old Mill District into a state-of-the-art distillery for high grade whisky and spirits in Minden, NV. The Mill Building, built in 1908, is the main production facility for fine whiskey. The existing Creamery Building was demolished with the exception of the historic brick façade.


29,700 SF

Awards & Achievements:

Targeting LEED Gold


The Mill structure consists of four, 24’ diameter by 50’ high steel plate silos as well as a 3 stories/ loft/ low basement unreinforced brick masonry structure. Distilling equipment is arranged vertically to enable a gravity fed distilling process. The brick structure contains the private and public tastings rooms and retail spaces.

The new Creamery building has variable ceiling heights up to 34.5’ high. It houses a small public area, tasting rooms, restrooms, prep kitchen, and a second distillery operation for malting of grains, production of neutral spirits, storage and support functions, bottling, packaging and loading.